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Environmental Health

Environmental Health Services - (Granville and Vance County Only)

· Private Well Program – sampling of private well water is provided as requested. Samples are collected by Environmental Health staff and sent to the NC Public Health Lab for analysis. Recommendations regarding chlorination procedures, problems in well construction, sources of contamination, etc., are made as needed.

· On-site Waste Water System Program – conduct site evaluations to determine suitability for on-site wastewater systems, and if sites are found suitable, a permit is issued. The system design is included on the permit, and specifications must be followed by installation contractors. Once the system is installed, a final inspection is done by the division to verify proper installation. Also, investigate complaints regarding malfunctioning septic systems and/or improper sewage disposal. If a problem is confirmed, recommendations are made for corrective action.

· Food, Lodging, & Institutional Program – conducts regular, unannounced inspections of all food (i.e. restaurants, food stands, mobile food units, school cafeterias, residential care homes, etc), lodging ( i.e. hotels, bed & breakfast establishments, etc.), and institutional establishments (i.e. school cafeterias, etc) in Vance and Granville counties.

· Other Services:

o Inspection of public swimming pools,

o Inspection of tattoo parlors

o Childhood Lead Investigations and Remediation

o Consultation regarding private cemeteries

o Education/information regarding issues such as: proper food handling, food temperatures and food preparation; mosquito control; pool safety; proper hand washing techniques; proper sewage treatment and disposal, and many others issues that affect the public as a whole

o Bacteria test – $75.00 tests for total coliform bacteria and E.Coli bacteria

o Inorganic test - $75.00 tests for 15 different minerals, such as iron, manganese, magnesium, arsenic, hardness, etc..

o Petroleum test – $75.00 tests for petroleum products

o Pesticide test - $75.00 tests for pesticide products

o Nitrate/Nitrite test - $75.00 tests for levels of nitrate and nitrites.

o Resample for bacteria - $75.00

o Click Here for Chlorination Process Sheet

If you would like more information contact the
Environmental Health Department:

Granville County
(919) 693-2688

Wallace T. Vaughan, RS

Barbara Paynter

David Cumbee, RS

Jimmy Clayton, RS

Peter Lambert, RS

Cassandra (Casey) Champion, RS

Vance County
(252) 492-5263

Wallace T. Vaughan, RS

Nancy Brewer

Suzanne Knott, RS

James K. Kelly, RS

McNeely D. (Mac) Shingleton, RS

Suzanne Knott, RS

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